Blame the Tories for their Shameful Record on Child Poverty

News that Unicef is having to feed hungry children in the UK would be embarrassing for any government with a sense of shame. Unfortunately, that’s no...

Starmer Lays into Hapless Johnson Over Yet Another U turn

The leader of the opposition accused the Prime Minister of gross negligence over his handling of the pandemic.

The Dark Past of Richard Drax’s Fortune

Tory MP urged to make reparations after campaigners shine a light on the slave-owning past of his family.

Johnson Takes a Hell of a Beating at PMQs

Johnson endured one of the worst PMQs in living memory as a year of consistent failures and mistakes hit him square in the face.

No Wage Rise for MPs, But Dominic Cummings Laughs all the W...

MPs will not now get the £3,000 pay rise they were promised this year, as the parliamentary Standards Committee suggested a rise now would not be app...

Jeremy Corbyn Launches New Peace Project

The former Labour leader seeks to create a place for people to support peace, internationalism and social justice.

Councils Rebel Against New Home Office Rules

Local authorities, charities and homeless organisations have railed against new Home Office rules which risk ‘criminalising the most vulnerable’.

Labour Attacks Bonkers Review of Human Rights Act

The Government appoints an independent review of the human rights act as campaigners criticise attempts to limit restraints on bad government decisio...

Study Finds Taxing the Rich Could Pay for COVID 19

Researches at Warwick University found that a one-off wealth tax could raise over £260bn to pay for COVID 19.

Firm Joked about Killer Grenfell insulation

Grenfell fire inquiry show firm joked about cheating to help its flammable insulation pass safety tests.

PMQs: Gloves come off on Brexit

With Starmer speaking from self-isolation and Johnson due for an important dinner date in Brussels, the scene was PMQs to finally focus on Brexit.

While Remainers Blame Each Other, the Tories Get Away With...

The reaction to a column by Owen Jones shows that some in the remain camp can’t stop but fight amongst themselves.

How the Tories turned into the National Front for the 21st...

Tory policies have recaptured the spirit of the national front. Dogma we thought had been left in the past is now part of everyday life in the govern...

Labour Leading in Red Wall Constituencies

The red wall is being rebuilt according to a new study which should send jitters through Conservative HQ, but the work is not done yet.

PMQs: Starmer Asks for Detail About the Vaccine

With Britain waving about its shiny new vaccine, Keir Starmer delved into the detail of how it would actually be delivered.

WTF Is Going on with Brexit

Brexit is about to be done, finally, maybe, perhaps. So, what actually is going on and are we finally about to get closure?

Priti Patel Maintains Hostile Environment

Amidst a global pandemic, just 23 days before Christmas, the Home Office is set to deport 50 Black Brits to Jamaica on the 2nd of December. 

Dishy Rishi’s Dodgy Deals

Chancellor Rishi Sunak failed to disclose details of his wife’s investments but that’s the least of the failings of a Chancellor who looks set to cos...

MPs Serving as Part Time Border Guards

MPs are betraying the trust of their constituents who come to them for help and shipping them to the Home Office according to a freedom of informatio...

The Government has Wasted Billions on PPE and we’re all Pic...

Tory chums get mansions while front line workers get austerity: here’s how we’re all picking up the tab for the Government’s PPE fiasco.

Sunak Leaves Key Workers in the Cold

Pay rises for ministers, big contracts for cronies, but pay freezes and austerity for people working on the front line against COVID 19.