EOS Bees x Novacrypto Interview Transcript: Societal & Economical Dimensions on EOS

EOS Bees x Novacrypto Interview Transcript
EOS Bees x Novacrypto Interview Transcript
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Patrick: Hello everyone we are here at EOSIO Swiss workshop number 14 with Jesse Jaffe of EOS Bees to do a follow-up interview. 


Jesse: Hello Patrick, I'm happy to be here. Thanks for having me.


Patrick: if you missed the last episode go check out the March 23rd interview. We have some interesting topics today.


  • Is EOS Bees decentralized or centralized?
  • 3 Pillars 
  • Translation+Influencer campaign
  • Junior developers campaign
  • Pomelo Season 2


Is EOS Bees decentralized or centralized? I remember on the last video on March 23rd we spoke about how an organization could have centralized processes and other processes that are decentralized. 


Jesse: I've been thinking a lot about this and I've realized that there's a balance between independence, which you could say is decentralized, and coordination, which is centralized. When I first started EOS Bees it made a lot of sense to me that the different Hives have unique cultures and therefore should make their own decisions on what type of marketing work they should be doing with the public funds we receive. I'm realizing now that if our goal is to maximize value for the EOS community, I feel like we are too much decentralized in terms of our processes, or the way we work. 


We're going to talk about some campaigns that we want to do. These are very coordinated campaigns. So these more complex initiatives that we want to do for the EOS community requires coordination. The Hives are still going to be independent, but not as much so. It’s like a pendulum. The pendulum is swinging more to the coordination centralization side for our processes at EOS Bees. 


The other thing to think about is who controls the funds at EOS Bees. From the beginning, which is still the case, I control the owner keys for all the important accounts for EOS Bees. We have been talking with Hypha. We've signed up for their Alpha Program which hasn't started yet. I'm very familiar with the Hypha platform and they are going to allow us to decentralize the control of funds using a non-transferable voting token. So that pendulum is swinging from centralized to more decentralized. It's all about finding the balance between trade-offs in any organization and we're still thinking a lot about that and working towards hopefully finding a really good balance.


Patrick: This is very smart because during this Workshop number 14 I’ve had the pleasure

to be with Denis Carriere of the Yield+ ENF working group. We also spoke about decentralized network funding during this interview. It’s very important when we are doing something at an early stage to pivot when necessary. It’s not frozen in stone because you make your experience week after week, month after month. You have reports that show you what you can do to change the wheel. It’s very important to decentralize the network funding in any initiative about something that we want to build, so I’m very happy to see this transition and the work that you will do with Hypha.  We will cover more in the future for sure.


The three pillars are very important for EOS Bees. 


Jesse: Yes, our three pillars are translations, Influencers and junior developers. We have projects that we'd like to work on involving our three pillars. I believe with the eight months of experience being at EOS Bees, these three things will help us to maximize the value we bring to the EOS network. I'm very excited because it feels like we are solidifying, with the three pillars, what we should be working on. 


The first coordinated project that we want to do involves leveraging our translation work to reach Influencers and to build long-term relationships with them. The way I envision this working is that we have EOS public good content that gets created. We have a lot of video content that gets created whether it's the Fireside Chat or the EDEN Chief Delegate Meetings. We need to fix the video’s text output first because the YouTube AI spits out pretty bad English. Then have all the Hives translate and create custom, or human reviewed, subtitles to be uploaded into these important EOS community videos. 


We have 11 solid languages that we know for sure are interested in the EOS community. Once we have a piece of content, a YouTube video with custom subtitles and a transcript -- we also should do a transcript so you don't have to watch the video. It’ll get it indexed too, which is good for SEO and accessibility -- we want to use our Swarms to promote it. 


The Swarms project is our collaboration with Tipit.  It brings us into the Influencer realm. A Swarm is an automatic way, so we've been doing this manually, but now Tipit is almost finished with an automatic way to reward Twitter users for engaging on a Tweet. It automatically rewards in $EOS. Now we have a way to incentivize Bees to Retweet and comment on Tweets. What we want to do is, multiple times a week, reply using the Influencer research that we've been doing. We've gotten their Profile Handles. Some of them have given us their prices. So let's say a hundred Bees reply to a Swarmed Tweet with the Handle of the Influencer. If you put yourself in the Influencer’s shoes, they're going to log on to Twitter and they're going to see a hundred Notifications to look at this piece of content. Now for the content we're going to do some copywriting. We're going to write a headline that pulls the Alpha, or the most important part of that content so the Influencer, or anyone else, doesn't have to watch the whole hour and a half long Fireside Chat.  They have some bullet points there and if they're getting these notifications multiple times a week, that is a way to prepare these Influencers for long-term relationships if they respond favorably with reciprocal organic engagements. 


Since the start of the year, we've done around five campaigns with Influencers and they have generally not been successful. I think the reason is that we are paying them right away to promote EOS. I thought about it as an awareness campaign by paying these Influencers $EOS to promote EOS. I think a better awareness campaign should be what I just described, which is pinging these Influencers to look at our content. Then we'll see it act like a filter. We’ll see which Influencers reach out to us. Maybe some will Retweet the content. Maybe some will Tweet on their own about EOS. In that way we'll know which Influencers we want to reach out to when the time is right for an Influencer campaign. This is like Phase 1. Once we have found out which Influencers that we want to work with, Phase 2 comes in. 


We will need our Referral System that I think I talked about last time on our call, Patrick. EOS Support is helping to build it.  We need the Referral System because, if we're going to do, let's say an interview with an Influencer, we want to access that Influencer's followers to become members of the EOS community in some capacity.  Now, it totally depends on what the Influencer is into. Whether it be NFTs, DeFi, Crypto in general, or whatever. We need a way to verify the Influencer’s followers if we're giving rewards.  It's very common across Twitter to give rewards. That's just where the bar is set. So if we're going to give rewards as part of a campaign with Influencers, we need to verify the people who are going to get those rewards. Once the Referral System is built, we can commence Phase 2, where we can finally pay Influencers after we’ve done months of Influencer research. We’ll hopefully have a much more high quality Influencer campaign.


Patrick: Absolutely. The final goal is to drive the followers to the right tools with the Referral System. We shouldn’t have the Influencer’s followers going around EOS and finding out for themselves how to use the Anchor Wallet or another tool. They should be incentivized to go through EOS Support and be in contact with an EOS Support agent through a campaign by EOS Bees. This was described in the last workshop on march 23rd in the video description.  


Jesse: That's a great point, Patrick. Not only will the support agents qualify whether this follower is not a bot, we're going to get what this follower is interested in. The support agent will suggest to them where they should go in the EOS community. That's super important I think, really valuable.


Patrick: I have also the pleasure to be in this workshop with Charles Arroyo-Bishop of EOS Bees for the French Hive and also the head of communication of EOS Support. There is a link because you solve the language barrier issue with the marketing. Using the power of the languages and having some synergies with EOS Bees makes total sense with EOS Support.


Let's move on to the junior developers campaign. Recently you’ve had contact with EOS Nation. I will put a link into the video description an interview you had with Vincent Grenier based in Canada. Big shout out to Vincent. In the context of the university's junior developers, you are just now starting a campaign. 


Jesse: Relative to our work that we're doing with translations and Influencers, this is much newer for us. What's really exciting to me is when i first started EOS Bees, I didn't think that we'd be able to access developers because most people at EOS Bees are not developers. Vincent was very persuasive and had the information to back up the fact that you don't need to be a developer to onboard developers. He's got a process involving business development with universities to create projects for junior developers to learn EOSIO and to potentially build on EOS. 


We're focusing on the translations and Influencers side first, but once we get that smoothed out, we're going to put our focus on the junior developers side. It involves calling universities and finding out who the decision maker is. We need to come up with a project. It's very important that the project is an open source initiative, a public good for the EOS community. We have the EOS Nation team providing technical support for the junior developers. Hopefully we can get some good projects and onboard non-paid interns. Vincent said that he was able to hire interns for no cost. The junior developer project will provide tremendous value to the EOS community because our Crypto communities are very developer driven. I'm just so excited that the EOS Bees could actually help in that arena. I didn't think that was originally possible but it seems like with the help of EOS Nation we can get it done. 


Patrick: I also want to mention Mindweb.io. The Mindmaps that I always do at the end of this workshop are available. I always have a Mindmap to break down all the interviews and all the YouTube chapters. All the information exists in a Mindmap named EOSIO Swiss workshop. There is one Mindmap that I have begun to translate with you, Jesse. That's the EOS Digest Mindmap. It’s the entry point into EOS. It’s currently translated in Chinese and Korean. There will also be German, Spanish and French. They are important for the education of junior developers in a university. If you want to begin with EOS, maybe you don't know exactly where to start. They’ll be able to dive into a Mindmap, where it links to other Mindmaps. The goal is to map out the EOS ecosystem into Mindmaps. It’s a big project. 


Jesse: I want to thank the Pomelo team for a very successful Season 2. I had three grants. They were very helpful and really critical for all the projects that I'm working on for EOS. I can't thank the team and donors enough! We had our main EOS Bees grant. Our Referral and Onboarding System grant has given us the beginnings of being able to build that. The final grant is for my work that I've been doing to support the EDEN Chief Delegates for this season. It was really clear that the Pomelo team has made their processes more efficient this season because the lag time from when the season ended and when donations were able to be claimed has been shortened.  It's very clear they've been doing a lot of work with Pomelo and I'm sure it’ll get better every season. 


Patrick: I want to join you in thanking the Pomelo team. I also had a grant for Mindweb.io. I am very happy for the contributions that I had. I thank you, Jesse, for also contributing. I contributed to EOS Bees for sure. Pomelo Season 2 was much better. Shout out to Daniel Keyes. Shout out to Denis Carriere that is also a part of this workshop. They have made a lot of gamification with the NFTs for Pomelo


You were a Chief EDEN Delegate last season. This season you are Delegate level 1 like me. This season is very short. It  just started on April 9 and now it’s May 23rd. July 9 is the next EDEN election so the Chief Delegates have to move very fast. You are following with the Chief Delegate weekly meetings making the time stamping. For myself I am publishing them into a Mindweb MindMap called EDEN dashboard. Chris Barnes, shout out to him, is also making the meeting minutes. Everyone collaborating I love that ❤️. 


May 23rd, we have a Fractally Brainstorming session on EOS that I am hosting with Jesse Jaffe. We have been brainstorming Fractally on EOS for a couple of months. We iterate very well with your proposal called Three Genesis Fractals (see also the MindMap).


This workshop video will be translated into other languages thanks to the EOS Bees. All about translation today, guys. So Jesse, thank you for being with us in this workshop! 


Jesse: Thanks Patrick for having me. I've really dedicated the last eight months to build value for the EOS community. I love the EOS community. Blockchain communities in general have the permission-less, transparent ethos. The vibe of the EOS community is really great. I really like it and hopefully I can be here long term. 


Patrick: With all my heart, all my mind, I am very happy to be in contact with you and to continue this adventure. We need a lot of resilience, reliability and accountability to ensure trust and to do things consistently. I am happy to be in contact with you because you have these qualities that I love. It’s exactly what you are showing in this community.  


Jesse: Thank you Patrick. I feel the same that you have these qualities. I'm very happy to be in contact with you. Thank you!


Patrick: We will finish on something always fun. Go EOS and EOS Bees! Thank you Jesse and see you soon.

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