EOS Block Producer Interviews 7 - EOS Argentina

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"I think what Dan, Yves, and the whole Eden community is trying to do now is something that no other blockchain is trying at the moment…"

In this episode Chitty from EOS Argentina talks about:
His background - https://youtu.be/QqVH6jjzWpA?t=92
The history of EOS Argentina and their BP infrastructure - https://youtu.be/QqVH6jjzWpA?t=202
What EOS Argentina is most proud of - https://youtu.be/QqVH6jjzWpA?t=505
What excites Chitty the most about the future of EOS - https://youtu.be/QqVH6jjzWpA?t=811
What can EOS token holders to do support EOS Argentina and the EOS ecosystem as a whole - https://youtu.be/QqVH6jjzWpA?t=1004

EOS Argentina Links 🌎
UAL: https://github.com/EOSArgentina/ual-m...
Metamask on Mainnet: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/eos...
Web Wallet: https://eosargentina.github.io/mmtran...

VOTE πŸ‘‡πŸ»
EOS Argentina through the Eden Proxy - https://edenproxy.org/

General Links 🧐
Eden on EOS Main site: https://edeneos.org/
Eden Community site: https://genesis.eden.eoscommunity.org
EOS Forum page: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/
More Equal Animals: https://moreequalanimals.com/posts/bo...

Twitter πŸ₯
EOS Argentina: https://twitter.com/EosArgentina
Chris Barnes: https://twitter.com/Barnzooor

Telegram Channels πŸŒͺ
EOS Argentina: https://t.me/EOSarg
Eden on EOS - Public: https://t.me/EdenOSinfo
Chitty: @Jchitty
Chris Barnes: @ChrisBarnes1

You can support via a tip to Chris Barnes by purchasing his original song for 1 EOS:

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