EOS /Rants Twitter Competition

Win $EOS for creating /Rants
Win $EOS for creating /Rants
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EOS /Rants Twitter Competition

EOS Rants is a MindMap that organizes short video content that makes it easy to learn about the EOS community. EOS Rants MindMap is in collaboration between EOS Bees 🐝 and MindWeb.io by NovaCrypto.


EOS Bees is sponsoring a competition on Twitter!

Each week, there will be 1 first prize and 1 random prize, paid in $EOS.

On every Monday at 22:00 UTC, submissions will close for the week.

How it works:

1. Watch this presentation with NovaCrypto / MindWeb.io



2. Check out the EOS /Rants MindMap.  


3. Record a video “rant”, or short form video or audio content, about EOS. Upload to a video publishing platform.


4. Submit your "ranthere. Make sure to fill out:

  • Name
  • EOS account
  • Twitter handle
  • URL (link of your video)
  • Category*
  • Topic

*Check the MindMap to see if the Category already exists for your topic. If so, write in the existing Category in the form.


Rules to qualify for a reward:

  • No insults
  • Less than 10 minutes
  • Content must be about EOS
  • English only 



For each weekly period (Monday-Sunday), all qualified submissions will be posted to the EOS Bees Twitter.

The rant with the most likes (1 point) and RTs (1.5 points) will win


25 EOS*

One Twitter Winner


10 EOS*

One randomly selected rant will win


*quantity of reward is subject to change


Good luck! Results will be published on EOS Bees Twitter and the winning Twitter handles will be tagged.

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