Subsidized Swarms V1 is Live!

EOS Bees is offering subsidized Swarms to the EOS community. Simply fill out The Bees Bot with your Twitter link to harness the promotional power of the Swarm.

Subsidized Swarms V1 is Live!
Subsidized Swarms V1 is Live!
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Welcome to Subsidized Swarms v1

Wow! Thanks to all the donors, the Pomelo team and the ENF for the support in Pomelo Season 3. We are bringing the honey in the form of subsidized Swarms for EOS projects. In FAQ style, the information below should answer your questions. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out.


What is a Swarm?

It represents Web3 technology and a network of real humans who are incentivized to engage on Tweets. The magic is how The Bees engage quickly and simultaneously. It creates explosive promotional effects and positive sentiment for your project and EOS as a whole. 


Who is subsidizing Swarms?

Swarms are subsidized by the Pomelo community. Thanks to those who donated to our Pomelo Grant, EOS projects can now harness the promotional power of the Swarm.


Who decides which projects get a Swarm?

First-come, first-Swarmed is the mechanism with weekly limits and resets. The EOS Bees team will act as a filter for incoming Swarm requests.


What are the weekly limits and resets?

There will be 7 Subsidized Swarms available each week, starting today. Once all 7 have been claimed, new requests must wait for the next week, starting every Monday at 1400 UTC. Project Founders are limited to 1 Subsidized Swarm per week.


How will the EOS Bees team control the filter?

Any Tweet is eligible to be Swarmed as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The Tweet is not insulting or negative towards another party.
  • The Tweet is about EOS or a project building on EOS.
  • The Tweet contains both #EOS and $EOS in the written portion.
  • The Tweet has substance. Examples of substantive Tweets are milestone announcements, thoughtful threads, educational material, multi-media (video, art, etc.) showcases/premiers and other meaningful content.

If there is a request from a project unknown to the EOS Bees team, we may engage a short conversation before activating the Swarm.


How long will it last?

Version 1.0 of Subsidized Swarms will last for 12 weeks. That's a total of 84 Swarms.


How to request a Swarm?

Visit this link to The Bees Bot and click "Start" towards the bottom of your screen.


What time can Swarms be requested?

1300-2300 UTC.


How many Bees will participate per Subsidized Swarm?

150 Bees. The price model strategy will give the EOS community the most unqiue Swarms, with relatively less participating Bees/Swarm compared to our full capacity. We chose this route because we believe it's most relevant for the current needs of the EOS community. Many projects are in the startup phase, and therefore don't need more than 150 Bees in their Swarm. The EOS Bees Team will gauge the demand and feedback. It is possible to offer less than 84 Swarms at a higher percentage of participating Bees. After 4 weeks of gauging demand, we will begin considering feedback. Please let us know!


A note on Subsidized Swarms v0.1

In v0.1, the EOS Bees team decided who, what and when to Swarm. From July 12 thru August 26, 2022, 24 Swarms were subsidized at a value of $7,542.

In our Pomelo Grant, it says, "If we raise above the maximum [of $20,328], we will save it as credit towards Pomelo Season 4 Swarms." Because we raised a total of $26,472, it leaves $6,144 leftover.

Of the 24 Swarms in v0.1, Novacrypto of Mindweb/Mindmap Collaborative Ecosystems subsidized 12 of them at a value of $3,717. There is $3,825 (7572-3717) remaining. The EOS Bees team is requesting to the EOS community that the remaining balance be retroactively pulled from the total leftover amount in order to pay for the rest of the v0.1 Swarms. That would leave $2,319 (6144-3825) as credit towards Pomelo Season 4 Swarms. If you disagree with this request, please reach out via DM.


Subsidized Swarms v0.1 accounting

NovaCrypto subsidized the following Swarms:

  1. EOS Bees QRT the ENF promoting Pomelo matching funds
  2. Pomelo Mega Thread
  3. Yves La Rose: ENF Quarterly Report
  4. Yves La Rose responds to a negative influencer comment
  5. NovaCrypto special EDEN on EOS interviews
  6. NovaCrypto your visual knowledge-base on EOS
  7. EOS Go: EOS Developments for the Future Manifest a Presently Visible Impact
  8. ENF welcomes new CMO
  9. Felix Ruiz responds to a negative influencer comment
  10. Yves La Rose: One year ago I made the biggest decision of my life
  11. Dario responds to a negative influencer comment
  12. NovaCrypto EOSIO Swiss Workshop 15

EOS Bees subsidized the following Swarms:

  1. EOS Bees Pomelo pitch
  2. LunarCrush: $EOS is showing signs of life
  3. Yves La Rose responds to a negative influencer comment
  4. Yves La Rose: EOS Epic Comeback
  5. Bywire is more than a company
  6. EOS Bees QRT EOS Support
  7. Yves La Rose: did you see the new $EOS roadmap
  8. Yves La Rose responds to DeFi Influencer Thread
  9. Helios Twitter Space
  10. Yves La Rose: #TheNewEOS Thread
  11. Yves La Rose: One year ago $EOS was on life support
  12. EOS Bees to CHEX community


EOS Bees believes that Swarms will fly EOS into a more respectable position in the broader crypto world. Thank you to all the donors who are aligned with this vision!

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